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Maui Airport Lei Greeting

Maui Lei Greeting

A Maui Lei Greeting is a great way to start of your Maui vacation. Our friendly Hawaii greeters will meet you at the Kahului airport when your plane arrives to present you with on of our authentic Hawaiian lei Greetings.

If you want Fresh Flower Lei Greetings, then make sure you order from us.  All our leis are fresh and are NOT associated with a transportation company. 

All we do is offer the best Fresh Flower Lei Greetings and do not combo them with a transportation company. Ali'i Leis only does Leis!

Maui is for Lovers so make sure you order your Maui Airport Lei Greeting in advance. This is a perfect way to start off your Hawaiian Vacation.  Maui Lei Greetings are a tradition in Hawaii. Be sure to order your Lei Greeting in Maui and save through Get Leid in Hawaii. We have the freshest Maui Lei Greetings and we specialize in the airport Lei Greeting which included the Maui Airport Lei Greeting.

Hawaiian Lei Greetings have always been popular in Maui.  A Lei Greeting In Maui is the the first thing you should do when arriving in Maui. Hawaiian Lei Greetings are not only famous, but popular so don’t miss out.

The Maui Airport Lei Greeting comes in different choices that are offered below. Choose which Lei Greeting in Maui fits you all the best. Maui Lei Greetings range from the Standard to the honeymoon special Lei Greeting in Maui.

Please look as you exit the terminal area, at the Kahului International Airport. You Maui Lei Greetings be fresh when you arrive.

If ordering within 2 Days of arrival there is a $15 charge per party (not per person). Only "Standard" Leis are available when ordering within 2 days of arrival.

 Lei Greeting in MauiStandard Lei
 Hawaiian Lei GreetingsSuperior Lei
 Get Leid in HawaiiTuberose Lei
Maui Airport Lei GreetingDeluxe Lei
Maui Airport Lei GreetingCigar Lei
Maui Airport Lei GreetingKukui Nut Lei
Maui Airport Lei GreetingTi Lei
Maui Airport Lei GreetingKukui Bracelet
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Daily, Lei Greetings are Available 24 Hours a day and for any flight.


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Leis of Different Types

  • Hawaiian Standard Lei

  • Deluxe Lei

  • Tuberose Lei Greeting

  • Ti Leaf Lei

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